Don’t miss this powerful Master Class, filled with every tool you need for success this holiday season!

(This is a pre-recorded class for a small fee.)

Do you dread the holidays...the stress, the parties, endless fattening foods, the expense and

the family tension?

AVOID the PITFALLS and STRESS of the holidays!

Join Tricia Nelson as she teaches you the SECRETS to having an ENTIRELY NEW EXPERIENCE this holiday season.

You’ll gain BALANCE and a CHEERFUL ATTITUDE that will stay with you the rest of the year! (NOT TO MENTION FREEDOM FROM THE RAVAGES OF TOO MUCH CANDY, CAKE AND BOOZE!)

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In this 2 hour class you will learn:

How to deal with Stress, Money and Family:

  • Handle holiday stress before it handles you
  • Beat the pre-party "jitters" and feel confident wherever you go
  • How to "respectfully decline" invites for parties you don't want to attend
  • 3 sure-fire secrets to maintain harmony with the in-laws
  • How to give amazing gifts that won't drain your bank account
  • How to create family memories everyone will want to recall

How to Negotiate Food, Moods and Spirits (Booze):

  • How to sail through the holidays without gaining a pound
  • The #1 secret to having fun...without getting sauced
  • 3 steps to quickly achieve balance, no matter what's going on
  • How to beat depression and avoid the "Holiday blues"
  • How to sidestep the sugar trap, without feeling deprived
  • Enjoy the spirit of the season and find blessings everywhere

Enjoy the holidays for a change!

Yes, you can be calm, peaceful AND still be the life of the party!

Join me to learn how!

-Tricia Nelson